Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gypsy At Heart my new novella is out!

Happy October everyone!
My new novella, Gypsy At Heart is out, in the anthology, "Welcome To Haven Harbor".
This is a fun anthology featuring four witchy stories, by four authors.
Jeanne Adams, Best-selling author Barbara Devlin, Ellen Dugan (me), and Donna McMeans.
The anthology is at a special introductory price of .99 cents on Kindle! Go snag a copy and give yourself a little Halloween treat!
Welcome To Haven Harbor Anthology Kindle Book

Here is the blurb for my novella, Gypsy At Heart:

What’s it like living in a town founded by Witches? Not bad actually, but when you’re the only member of the town’s most prominent Gypsy family with no occult powers to speak of…
it’s not an easy road to walk.

Meet Nilah Stefanik. She’s sassy, smart and fresh out of grad school. With a ton of student debt, she’s taken a “dead-end” office job at the Fogg Funeral Home in Haven Harbor, Massachusetts. It’s a toss-up as to what her family disapproves of more...her current place of employment, or that she has no discernible psychic or magickal talents of any kind.

Nilah comes from a long line of Polska Roma fortune tellers, mystics, and psychics. Her grandmother, the incomparable Madame Sabina, is an institution in Haven Harbor. Unfortunately, that talent skipped Nilah...or so the family always believed. 

Now, paranormal predicaments confound Nilah and draw her into a mystery just in time for Halloween. Deep down, Nilah is a Gypsy at heart, and with a little help from her grandmother and a trouble-making ghost, Nilah may at last uncover the truth about herself and her destiny. **Available now! by Ellen Dugan.

Happy Reading and Happy Halloween!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Under The Holly Moon is finished and Novella news is soon to be announced.

I've been writing my ass off all summer long...
However, "Under The Holly Moon"- book 5 in the Legacy Of Magick series is off to Beta readers and on track for a December release!

Book 4 Beneath An Ivy Moon came out in June and has done incredibly well.
Here is the link:  Beneath An Ivy Moon

In the 5th book in the series— release date December 2016— The bad girl of the Bishop family is coming back to William's Ford. Told from Holly Bishop's point of view, this 5th book in the series is emotional, intense, steamy, and full of jaw dropping surprises.
I'm starting on book 6 in the series right now. (No rest for the wicked.)

In other news...
My novella will be published in an anthology in October.
Cover art, title and description should be released in a day or so!

My novella introduces a brand new character named Nilah, and this book has a completely different setting, filled with plenty of mystical and spooky fun.
The novella is about 25,000 words in length and it is a Halloween theme story. Nilah is a sexy, sassy character and I can't wait for you to meet her!

More news, including cover art for the novella soon.

Blessed be, Ellen

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Beneath An Ivy Moon-- cover art reveal!

Beneath An Ivy Moon by Ellen Dugan


Today is cover art release day for the fourth book in my Legacy Of Magick series. 

Beneath An Ivy Moon will be available for order in late June 2016 as a paperback, and on both Kindle and Nook. 

In this installment of the series, fan-favorite Ivy Bishop steps center stage. This all new novel is told from Ivy's POV (point of view). 

Ivy is now a Junior at college and she and her BFF Cypress are roommates at an old dorm with a haunting history. 

Ivy is such a fun character and I had a blast giving her, her own witchy adventure. I can't wait for you to read this one! 
Oh, and yes, there is indeed a sneak peek at the end of Ivy's book for Book #5 in the series. 

Here is a link to the Kindle version of the first book on Legacy Of Magick 

Legacy Of Magick Series Books 1 - 3 by Ellen Dugan

Blessed be, Ellen

Friday, May 13, 2016

Long time No blog...

Things have been a little crazy! My daughter got married about 6 weeks ago and I'm still playing catch up.

So, I had four books come out last year.  One non-fiction book, The Natural Psychic, pictured here--
The Natural Psychic
and also the first three paranormal novels in my Legacy Of Magick Series were released!

To my delight the novels: Legacy Of Magick, Secret Of The Rose, and Message Of The Crow, have been selling even better than I ever dreamed, and the feedback has been both positive and wonderful. Here is a link to the Kindle version of Book One! (Book One is only $1.99 on Amazon.)
Legacy Of Magick: Book One

Legacy Of Magick Series Books 1-3
I've got two more full length novels planned, plus 2 more novellas, that will be featured in Anthologies, in October and December 2016!  It's going to be a busy year!

Book four in the Legacy of Magick Series is scheduled for a late June 2106 release. Beneath An Ivy Moon, is a continuation of the series and is from Ivy Bishop's point of view.

Yes indeed, fan-favorite Ivy steps center stage in her own adventure. The novel is with the editor now and then goes off to formatting. The cover art is finished and is gorgeous! Watch for the synopsis and cover art in early June this year.

Book Five in the Legacy Of Magick Series Under The Holly Moon, will be released in December this year. And you guessed it— it will be from Holly's POV. Book 6 and book 7 in the LOM series are planned out for 2017.

It's back to work for me! Blessed be,

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Three New Books this year! One Non-fiction and Two Novels!


Legacy of Magick launched February 22, 2015 and has done fantastically! 
My very first novel Legacy of Magick is available on Kindle, Nook and as a paperback through  At the moment it is up to 68 reviews on Amazon and the feedback has been wonderful!

Here is the back cover blurb:

So it turns out Magick runs in the family... 
Autumn Bishop was just your average grad student...who happens to be a Seer. When she moves in with her long lost aunt and cousins, they look like a relatively normal family from the outside, however they turn out to be so much more. 

When ancient traditions, longstanding magickal feuds, ghostly visitors, and Witches with malicious intentions start coming out of the woodwork, Autumn finds herself smack in the middle of the action as everything she thought she knew is turned upside down. 

Drawn, as if by fate, into her family’s legacy of magick, a new world unfolds for her, as her old one is left irretrievably behind. 
Here is the direct link to Amazon to order. Legacy Of Magick by Ellen Dugan

The second book in the Legacy of Magick series is called Secret of the Rose. It is scheduled to be released in July 2015. Cover art and backcover blurb coming the first week of June! 

This week my newest non-fiction book by Llewellyn Worldwide is being released. Here it is!
Everyone has some type of psychic ability, but the skills that come easily for some may be more challenging for others. However, no matter where you are on the psychic spectrum, The Natural Psychic will help you develop and refine your natural talents. Renowned author Ellen Dugan is your personal guide, helping you to build your psychic repertoire. With humor, easy-to-follow instructions, and no-nonsense advice, this engaging book offers lively lessons on:
  • The Three P's: Premonition, Precognition and Pstcognition.
  • The Five C's: Calircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairentience and Clairtangence 
  • Psychometry
  • Group Readings
  • Tarot
  • Psi-Sensitives
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Séances
  • Ouija Boards
  • SLIders
  • Psychic Training
  • Psychic Hangovers and First Aid
  • Psychic Attacks
  • Psychic Self-Defense
  • Repairing the Aura
  • Crystals for Psychic Work
Psychic ability is accessible to everyone regardless of spiritual or religious belief. The Natural Psychicis a down-to-earth, straight-up guide that will help you use psychic abilities to enrich your life and expand your world.
Here is the link for The Natural Psychic The Natural Psychic by Ellen Dugan

Also I'm thrilled to announced that The Natural Psychic is #1 on the Hot Release list on Amazon in the ESP category! 

Okay I am back to work on edits for Secret of the Rose! Stay tuned for cover art and back cover blurb!
Blessed be, Ellen 

Friday, January 23, 2015

My first Novel- Announcing the Title today!

Its been a while since I posted an entry. Last October my daughter got engaged, then I was on tour, we had the holidays, my daughter got her Master's degree, moved back into town, the new year rolled around... and here we are!

If you are wondering why I haven't posted in a while... We are deep in the throes of wedding planning here at my house. My daughter and her fiance have the date set for next year and we have booked ceremony and reception venues.

Okay here we go... I have a HUGE announcement. My first novel, Legacy of Magick will be released very soon! (End of February- early March 2015) I will unveil the cover art, and synopsis in a few weeks while I am at Convocation. February 19-21.

Here's a teaser for you... this will be the first book in a multi- book series, and its' paranormal novel about a modern day magickal family.

Yes, I decided to go INDY for my fiction series. Why you may ask? Because it's fun, its MUCH faster getting the book out into the world, and it makes smart business sense. 

I had so much fun and success with Indy publishing Every Witch Way this past year— that I decided not to wait to do it again! So for 2015 you can expect that novels one and two of the series will be out and ready to purchase from amazon, both as a physical book and as an eBook.

So without further ado here is the copyrighted Logo of my first novel.

Legacy of Magick will be available for purchase both as a physical book and an eBook soon from

The cover art will be released in a few weeks! Check back here to see it!
Blessed be, Ellen

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Every Witch Way, Practical Prosperity Magick & Autumn Tour Dates

Its been a crazy, busy summer, and now Fall is in the air! Tour Season is Gearing up and I hope you are all ready, Witches!

This summer, I released my first INDY eBook with my friend Tess Whitehurst. The eBook is called Every Witch Way: Spells and Advice from Two Very Different Witches!

This book was a blast to write and I am happy to say that it has done very well for us, and it has given folks plenty to talk about. Tess and I decided it would be fun to tackle topics that most authors won't touch, and to show that you CAN have vastly different opinions, styles and magickal practices and still be friends. 

In our eBook there is plenty of magick and spells, lots of humor, some practical advice- as well as a healthy dose of tongue in cheek humor for everyone to enjoy, and at only $5.99 on Kindle its a real bargain!

Click here to order your own copy of this fun little eBook! Every Witch Way eBook

In other news, Practical Prosperity Magick is doing very well and I have two autumn author events for it that I am very excited about. The first is in Birmingham Alabama at Books, Beans and Candles Magick Shop. Here is all the information on the event.

Date:  Friday & Saturday, September 19-20, 2014Place: Books, Beans & Candles
1620 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd S
  Birmingham, AL 35205
Meet and Greet Time: Friday, September 19th- 7- 8:30 pm
Class Time: Saturday September, 20th- 1:00 - 3:00pm
Practical Prosperity Magick Class Fee: $35.00
Store phone:
(205) 453-4636

Ellen returns to one of her favorite stores, Books Beans and Candles in Birmingham, Alabama for a weekend long event.
There will be a free meet and greet on Friday night. Ellen will be signing her books and tarot deck. Then Saturday afternoon Ellen presents an advanced magick class on her newest book.

Description for: "Practical Prosperity Magick Class"In this straightforward class Ellen will be lecturing on her newest book "Practical Prosperity Magick". Here you will gain the information and practical advice that you need. The lure of casting a spell and having money appear "just like magick" is very attractive however, the truth is that prosperity magick, is a more complex and advanced topic than most folks realize.  The seven hermetic laws, and the law of attraction, will be discussed as well as the correct astrological and lunar timing for your best prosperity spell results. Also there will be an honest discussion on how to avoid those "rookie Witch mistakes" so prosperity spells don't backfire.

The second event is in October. Where I will be the keynote speaker at a big Samhain Festival in
New Hampshire. October on the East Coast- Its going to be gorgeous!

Celebrate Samhain 2014!
Date: Saturday, October 18
Place: Peterborough Community Center, New Hampshire

I will be giving a free lecture on Prosperity Magick at the Samhain Festival. (Time to be announced) 
I will also be on hand to sign and sell all of my books and my Tarot deck! 
You can pay for your purchases from me at Celebrate Samhain with either cash, credit or debit cards.
I am really excited about both of these events. I hope to see you there! 
Blessed be, Ellen

Here is the big add for Celebrate Samhain.
 Want to give your home a little touch of enchantment this autumn? Visit my Etsy shop and choose from the many bewitching items- that I have created and or painted by hand!